Putin thanked Stephen Segal for his help in saving the Baikal omul

Russian leader Vladimir Putin passed the words of gratitude to Hollywood actor Stephen Segal for his participation in the action to restore the population of the Baikal omul. The head of the state stated this on Monday, October 19, during a meeting with the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov.

Shestakov reported to the President on the progress of this program, noting that additional funds were allocated both for reproduction of the Baikal omul and for measures on fish protection.

“We see already positive dynamics. The reduction of the population has been suspended, now we already see a slight growth,” – said the head of the department, pointing out that in the future 2023-2025 Rosrybolovstvo considers it possible to open commercial fishing.

In July, Segal visited Buryatia, where he got acquainted with Old Believers’ culture and traditions and visited Lake Baikal. He noted that protection of Lake Baikal is of paramount importance for the residents of the region.

In 2016, Segal said that his father was a Buryatian. Soon after, the actor received a Russian passport and became a citizen of Russia. In August 2018, Sigal was appointed Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Russian-American humanitarian relations.