Putin went into a distant work mode because of the coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin and all those who accompanied him during his visit to Kommunarka daily pass coronavirus tests, said Peskov after news of Protsenko’s infection.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has switched to remote operation due to the risk of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. A meeting with government members on Wednesday, April 1, will be held for the first time via teleconference, said Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov on the same day.

“The President will be in Novo-Ogaryovo and will contact practically a standard set of government and cabinet leaders, who will also be at their working places,” said Peskov, stressing that such a format “is an innovation. After the meeting with the government, another meeting will be held in the format of a teleconference, Pescov also said.

According to him, in connection with the spread of coronavirus Putin has changed the manner of greeting and does not say hello by hand during personal meetings. “Now everyone keeps a social distance,” added Peskov.

Everyone who went to Kommunarka with Putin passes daily tests.

At the same time, a spokesman for the Russian president said that everyone who went with Putin on March 24 to Moscow City Clinical Hospital (GKB) № 40 in Kommunarka, where patients with coronavirus infection are treated, daily take tests and if possible work remotely. Putin and Peskov also take daily coronavirus tests. “Naturally, we take precautions, we exclude any meetings, we try to do it remotely as much as possible,” he said.

Peskov also admitted that before Putin’s visit to Kommunarka, there was no rule of testing for coronavirus of all those who personally communicate with him.

The day before, the head doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko said that he had been infected with the coronavirus. “I have a positive test for CV, but I feel quite well. I isolated myself in my office, where there are all conditions for remote work, management and telemedical consultations,” he wrote on Facebook. On March 24, Putin came to Kommunarka; no medical masks were used during his conversation with Protsenko.