Putin’s rating exceeded Biden’s among U.S. Republicans

The rating of the Russian President Vladimir Putin exceeds the rating of his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden among supporters of the Republican Party of the United States by 18%, as shown by two surveys conducted among Americans on the eve of the Geneva Summit, held on June 16.

The first poll was conducted by the Economist / YouGov and showed that 18% of the Republican supporters have a positive attitude towards Putin, while 14% have a similar opinion about Biden. The poll showed that 64% of Republicans view the Russian leader negatively, while 82% of American supporters view him negatively, says the DailyMail.

Another Economist / YouGov poll also shows that the Republican Party has far fewer supporters than the Democratic Party of the allegation of a high Russian threat.

The second poll, by the Morning Consult / Politico, once again confirmed the conclusions of the first poll, but not in all points: the positive attitude towards Biden vs. Putin was higher by 2% (13% and 11%, respectively). Nevertheless, the percentage of Republican Party supporters who expressed a negative attitude towards the Kremlin leader was 67%, while his colleague from the White House received 85%.

Journalist Will Saletan noted in his publication the fact that the reason for the paradoxical results of the poll was the reorganization of the two parties that took shape during the presidency of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

“Trump has done as much for the United States as the Kremlin will not ask for: he has turned Americans against each other, attacked our institutions, attempted a coup and ruthlessly defended Moscow’s positions,” the journalist wrote.

The political reorganization of the Republican and Democratic parties can be judged by the assessments of the Geneva summit, when the American congressmen considerably differed in their assessment of the summit of the Russian and American leaders – representatives of the Republican Party criticized Biden: his predecessor Donald Trump stated that the United States yielded the stage to Russia and remained with nothing, while Republicans Michael McCaul and James Risch requested that sanctions on chemical weapons against Russia be applied. For its part, the White House continues to defend the position that Biden’s talks with Putin were “unusually productive and substantive.”

Fox News readers praised the negotiating tactics shown by the Russian leader at the Geneva talks, but at the same time were upset about Biden’s behavior. Users shared a host of arguments, such as the specificity of Putin’s words and the lack of it in Biden’s speech. Although even before the June 1 summit, they were not serious about Biden’s statement about his intention to “speak tough” in his dialogue with Putin.