Quarantine camps for children appeared in Vietnam

More than 4,000 children across Vietnam are quarantined in centralized facilities without parental supervision, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, Invalids of War and Social Affairs.

Since the fourth wave of COVID-19 transmission hit the country on April 27, more than 4,000 children from different localities have been taken to quarantine facilities, said Dang Hoa Nam, head of the Department of Children Affairs under the Labor Ministry, during a meeting.

Due to the absence of parents, the experience can be psychologically traumatic for these children, Dang Hoa Nam said.

Children suffer many negative consequences from the pandemic, said Tran Xuan Bach, vice president of the Vietnam Youth Federation, adding that there are three groups of children who are most vulnerable.

The first group includes children infected with COVID-19 or who need to be under concentrated quarantine, Bach explained.

The second group consists of children who face many challenges in the course of their lives and studies, who are affected by the pandemic, or children separated from their parents who work on the front lines.

The third group includes children from dysfunctional families, children with disabilities, or children living in remote areas.

According to Dang Hoa Nam, to provide the necessary support to children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids of War and Social Affairs has decided to pay for their 21-day quarantine period from the National Fund for Vietnamese Children.

Children who must be quarantined between April 27 and December 31 are eligible for this aid, the official added.

Dang Hoa Nam also urged businesses, organizations, benefactors and the public to contribute to providing children with basic necessities in quarantine centers, namely face masks, dishes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toys and books, as well as two boxes of milk for each day to help improve their nutrition and immune system.

Such children will be given favorable conditions to contact the 111 Information Center for psychological counseling.