Quarantine measures because of COVID-19 were found to be useless in Norway

Norway analysed information on the number of coronavirus infections in the country and found that the quarantine had not played a significant role. This was stated in the publication of the British magazine The Spectator.

The authorities have studied the information about the complications of COVID-19 and those who simply infected with coronavirus. It turned out that in mid-March, when the authorities introduced quarantine measures, Norway was already at the peak of the disease, and the rate of increase in morbidity was declining.

As Camilla Stoltenberg, director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, admitted, quarantine may not be mandatory during the second wave of coronavirus.

The authorities have also studied the damage to the country’s economy and the impact on education, as schools in the country have switched to distance learning.

According to Stoltenberg, schools were not well prepared for the transition to distance learning.

According to the latest data, there were 8,401 cases of coronavirus infection in Norway, 235 people died and 7,727 patients were cured.

The authorities had begun to relax quarantine measures earlier in May. In particular, the first games of the new season of the Norwegian Football Championship will be held on June 16.