Queen Elizabeth II confirmed Britain’s withdrawal from the EU

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Queen Elizabeth II confirmed that Britain must leave the European Union (EU) by January 31, 2020. She said this during the opening of Parliament on Thursday, December 19.

According to the BBC News, in her speech, the Queen called the withdrawal from the EU on the specified date the priority for the government for the next year. After that London will have to conclude a free trade agreement with Brussels and other countries. It is expected that already on December 20, the government law on Brexit will be submitted for consideration.

Also among the priorities of the government of Boris Johnson were increased funding for health care and reform of the immigration system.

On December 12, early parliamentary elections were held in the UK. Conservatives managed to form an absolute majority in the House of Commons. Thus, they did not have to form a coalition to form a government. In addition, the Conservatives now have the opportunity to conduct through Parliament any bills they propose.

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the alliance was due on 29 March. But due to several unsuccessful votes in the British Parliament, it was postponed until 31 October.

On October 28, it became known that 27 countries of the European Union agreed to defer Brexit for three months. Thus, the date of UK’s exit from the EU was postponed to January 31, 2020, and during this time the parties must agree on all details of future cooperation, as well as conclude a new trade agreement.