Queen Elizabeth II refuses to give up her throne

Queen Elizabeth II is a very courageous person. A few days after the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, the queen has already returned to her royal duties.

According to the court circular, the official record of the daily outings of the queen and other high-ranking members of the royal family, Her Majesty held an audience on the occasion of the retirement of the highest-ranking official of her house, Earl William Peel.

Then, five days after the royal mourning period ended, the recently widowed 95-year-old hosted two virtual royal exits.

Now royal pundits believe that her decision to move on with her life, even in this time of great grief, is proof that she has no plans to give up the throne and will serve until the end of her days. Well-informed sources insist that the monarch views “abdication as a dirty word that should never be uttered in her presence.”

“I remain of the opinion that while the loss of Prince Philip is devastating for her personally, I don’t think it will affect her role as monarch. I suspect it will continue in much the same way as it has for the last few years,” said Joe Little, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine.

I think it’s in her DNA. It also goes back not only to her 1947 speech in South Africa, but to the oath she took at the coronation. She is a committed Christian. It’s a contract she made with God, and I don’t think what she feels can be broken. It’s just that she’s so….

As a monarch, she will continue as long as she is physically and mentally able to do so.”

Regardless, former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt believes the queen will slowly retreat from her royal duties as her children take on more prominent roles. He told The New York Times:

“Basically, the queen will fade gracefully. Covid helped in the sense that he accelerated what any sane 95-year-old woman would want to do, which is to not be on her feet all day long.”

Next February 6 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s reign, and plans are underway to mark the historic moment from June 2 to 5.

“Next year will involve a unique goal for her to reach her platinum anniversary,” says Clive Irving, author of “The Last Queen,” in an interview with Royals Monthly.

It so surpasses Victoria’s record that it is unlikely to ever be met again. A first for the last queen. Much has already been planned. Apparently, only that the plan did not anticipate Philip’s death.

The queen is on her own now, and without him she will be more like Victoria, but without her mournful gloom.”

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating from behind the palace walls that Her Majesty has agreed to cede some of her powers to her son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles, 72, a historic move that royal experts call “soft succession.”

“The queen will stick to activities that do not require walks or public handshakes and will not travel outside Windsor or London,” Clive explains, adding that both Charles and Prince William will now take on more responsibilities.

“Their roles will be different,” Clive explains.

“Charles always wants to be seen as the heir apparent, ready for a big role. William is the understudy, but more importantly, he’s someone who seems to live in the current century, as does Kate. So they have to be careful not to appear to make too much of this contrast.”

The author also expects the queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, to make more commitments in the coming months.

Don’t underestimate Princess Anne’s increased influence and role, says Clive.

She epitomizes Philip’s style and closeness to the queen more than Prince Charles does. The Queen listens to her.

The royal princess is far better equipped than her brother, equipped with the qualities a monarch needs, and far more in keeping with her mother’s qualities.

She is the most down-to-earth of the Queen’s children and has never thought it necessary to share her thoughts on public and political politics, as Charles often did.”

Princess Anne is 15th in line to the throne, but has long been considered the hardest working member of the royal family and is currently the patron of more than 200 organizations. In fact, in recent months there have even been calls for Anne to be moved up the line of succession, ahead of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew.