Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann sang a song in Russian

The member of German group Rammstein Till Lindemann performed the song “Любимый город” in Russian. Composition was published on April 22 on YouTube.

The song “Favorite City” was written by Evgeny Dolmatovsky, Nikita Bogoslovsky became the author of music. The authors wrote the composition in 1939 for Eduard Petslin’s film “The Fighters,” where it was performed by Mark Bernes.
Lindemann’s fans on social networks suggested that the composition will be the soundtrack of director Timur Bekmambetov’s new film “Devyataev,” which will be dedicated to the feat of Soviet pilot Mikhail Devyataev.

Bekmambetov said that Lindemann himself came to him with a proposal to record a song, but the information that the song will be included in the film, did not comment.

“Because his father spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union, traveled, was a writer. Because Thiel himself was a pioneer. Because this song was sung to him as a child by his mother… And so he found out through his friends that I’m making a film about Devyataev, and “Favorite City” will be the leitmotif of this picture, “- quotes the director site kp.ru on Thursday, April 22.