Recent Windows 10 update causes files to disappear and sound to be lost

This week Microsoft began distributing the KB4556799 cumulative update for Windows 10. The update contains fixes for various vulnerabilities, but some users have faced a number of problems after installing it. According to network sources, KB4556799 can cause files to disappear as well as sound problems.

According to users’ reports, in some cases after the installation of the mentioned accumulator update, the audio driver configuration is reset and sometimes even the Realtek driver is removed. In other cases, users reported that audio has stopped coming to audio devices even though nothing visually changed in the settings. This made it impossible to play through speakers, headphones and other audio devices. Users note that after the removal of KB4556799, the performance of audio devices is restored.

“With this update, my audio devices were completely broken. I have Realtek audio drivers installed, but sound is not played through speakers or headphones,” said the user, who noted that after uninstalling the KB4556799 on his Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet, the audio system was restored to full functionality.

Unfortunately, the problem with sound is not the only one. Some users complain that after installing the cumulative update, all files and documents stored inside the user profile have disappeared.

“My computer automatically installed the latest updates, and all files on my computer were deleted. I don’t know how to restore them, and I don’t want to make the problem worse,” says one of the messages.

The good news is that user data and other settings have not been deleted. For some reason, after installing the KB4556799, in some cases Windows 10 will load a temporary profile instead of a user profile, which may give the impression that all files have been deleted. In some cases, the problem of booting the temporary profile is resolved by itself after 6-8 operating system reboots, but this method may not be effective for all users who encounter the problem. In addition, the problem can be solved by removing the KB4556799 cumulative update.

It’s worth mentioning that the problem with loading a temporary user profile has been reported many times on the Microsoft forum and the Feedback Center, but the developers haven’t officially confirmed its presence yet. Most likely, in the nearest future Microsoft will release an unscheduled update that will solve the problem.