Record-breaking frost hits southern Africa

In the central part of the Republic of South Africa were recorded minimum temperature records. This was reported on Saturday, July 24, the weather service of South Africa in Twitter.

On the night of July 24 in 19 areas of the country were broken minimum historical records. In the city of Kimberley and surrounding areas, the frost reached minus 9.9 degrees. Weather forecasters reported that such low temperatures have not been seen there in the entire period of meteorological observations.

In Johannesburg, temperatures dropped to minus 7 degrees. The previous cold record of minus 6.3 degrees was recorded in the city on July 19, 1995.

Weather forecasters said that it snowed in various parts of South Africa for the first time in many years, with numerous highways blocked due to icing.

The current frost came to southern Africa from Antarctica. It is expected that the cold weather will remain in South Africa for another week.