Reddit users were baffled by the search for a cat in the photo

The users of Reddit resource broke their head over searching for a cat in the photo. The photo was published on September 15 by user pizzaslayer111.

He suggested finding a pet in the picture of the room. Due to the abundance of interior details, the task was not easy for many. In a few days, the post received over 700 responses.

“Hahahaha, we had to zoom in. I love it,” one of the commentators wrote.

“Where is he? I have been looking for five minutes already,” another user noted.

“My mental process: “Where the hell is that cat? Is it disguised? Seriously, am I too old to see a cat? Where are my glasses?” – another subscriber complained.

Those who did find the cat amused the view. Some suggested that the pet is up to no good.