Republican congressmen resign Liz Cheney

Republican congressmen on Wednesday voted to strip Congresswoman Liz Cheney of her third most important party position in the lower house of Congress, the BBC reported.

The reports noted that in a closed-door vote, an overwhelming majority of Republican members of the House of Representatives supported the proposal to remove Cheney from her position as chairman of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives.

Such an initiative had previously been taken by Republican leaders in the House, party organizer Steve Scalise and Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Liz Cheney is considered one of the top critics in the Republican Party of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

“We cannot allow the head of the Conference to be someone who consistently advocates Democrat ideas and defends views that the Republican Party strongly opposes,” Congressman Jim Jordan, a close Trump ally, said Tuesday night.

Cheney herself has said in recent days that she will continue to criticize the former president.

Elise Stephanie, an ardent Trump supporter, is expected to be appointed to replace Cheney as early as this week.

Liz Cheney is the daughter of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, a Republican. After the riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, she became one of the few Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Cheney also continues to criticize Trump for his claims that the election he lost in 2020 was rigged by Democrats.

Cheney has long been considered a rising star in the Republican Party, but that all changed in 2021: unlike her, the bulk of Republican congressmen agreed to work with Trump.

Trump himself has made no secret of his support for Stephanie and sees fit to strip Cheney of her high profile role in the party.

“Divisive warmonger Liz Cheney has lost nearly all of her support in her home state of Wyoming. She continues, ignorant of the subject, to foolishly claim that there were no irregularities in the 2020 election,” the former president wrote earlier in the spring on his blog.

Trump also criticized former Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell for what he said were insufficiently vigorous fights to overturn the vote.

“We could have gotten a completely different presidential election result. And then our country wouldn’t have turned into a socialist nightmare,” he is convinced.

Trump has said repeatedly since his election defeat that he believes it is necessary to remove insufficiently decisive politicians from the Republican Party leadership. The Cheney story, according to observers, shows that this process is underway.

Polls taken after Trump left office showed that he is still the most popular Republican politician. Trump has regularly said he will consider running for president in 2024.

McCarthy, explaining to his colleagues why Cheney should be ousted, said that Republicans could not win a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections without Trump’s support.