Republicans supported Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court

Republican senators supported the idea of U.S. President Donald Trump to fill the vacant seat in the Supreme Court before the November elections. Mitch Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate majority party, told about it on his Twitter page.

“We will vote for President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court this year already,” he wrote.

Hearings on Trump’s nomination will take place in the Senate Legal Committee, chaired by Republican Lindsay Graham. He shares Trump’s and McConnell’s goal to confirm the successor of the deceased Judge Ruth Bader Ginzburg before the next election.

The hearing will begin the week of October 12, and the final Senate vote will take place no later than the end of October, The Washignton Post reports.

Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginzburg died on Friday, and U.S. President Donald Trump said he needed to appoint a new one immediately. If Trump’s successor is approved by the appointed judge, the number of appointees to the Republican Party will increase to six of the nine judges.

The Democratic Party felt it could influence the process and prevent the appointment, Congress speaker Nancy Pelosi said this week.