Researcher found a hidden sketch under Da Vinci “Gioconda”

French researcher Pascal Cott found a sketch of Leonardo da Vinci under the painting “Gioconda”, reports Artnet News.

The expert took a picture of the portrait and started the research in 2004. In the study, he used infrared technology, thanks to which he was able to detect small details on the portrait, hidden under the paint.

Cott found that under the painting “Gioconda” is hidden sketch in the technique of spolvero – made with charcoal and stencil with holes. The sketch shows the Mona Lisa in a style not typical for that time. Traces of the sketch can be found on the hands and head of the heroine portrait. This means that the early pose was quite different. The woman sat in half a turn and looked away, notes TV channel “Star”. Da Vichni eventually turned the portrait around, facing the audience.

Also on the picture are signs on her hair, which indicate the presence of a hairpin that was not worn in Florence. The scientist suggested that this is the image of some goddess.