Residents of Japan again came out in mass protests against the Olympics

Mass anti-Olympic protests are taking place in Japan. Crowds of residents took to the streets of Kyoto with placards and flags. The holding of the Games could cause the spread of the coronavirus. People are confident that the government is violating the constitution and is not ready to protect the population. At the same time, the International Olympic Committee assures that the Olympic village is safe. The complex will accommodate 6,700 athletes and officials. All participants are tested and isolated in case of contamination. Getting into Japan is difficult; everyone who wants to enter is screened.

“To get into Japan, you have to go through more than one stage of screening and sit in several queues. This is our third one. All the time these girls in protective robes come up, give us new forms to fill out, and then they check them thoroughly. They say that all these procedures take three to five hours. And we haven’t even gotten to the passport control over there yet,” the correspondent said.