Restaurant near the death scene of African American Brooks was demolished in Atlanta

A fast-food restaurant in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia, near where African-American policeman Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed, was demolished on Tuesday, July 14. This was reported by the local television channel Fox5.

The official reasons for the demolition are unknown, but the channel notes that after the death of Brooks on June 12, the place became a gathering point for many protesters. The building itself has since been painted with many slogans in support of the fight against racism.

In addition, the situation with regard to this place has become more complicated after a minor was shot dead in front of a shop across the street on July 4. The police enclosed the square in front of the restaurant from visitors.

A representative of the fast-food chain Wendy’s, which owned the restaurant, noted that the decision to demolish the building had been taken in cooperation with the city authorities for security reasons.

On June 12, police attempted to apprehend 27-year-old Reichard Brooks, who was in a car outside the fast-food restaurant. The African-American resisted, stole a taser from the police and allegedly tried to use it against law enforcement officials. One of the cops injured Brooks, who died in the hospital.

Brooks’ death sparked a second wave of protests in Atlanta. After that, CPO Erica Shields resigned.

On June 15, it was reported that the Atlanta authorities decided to reform the rules of police force in light of the death of African-American Rayshard Brooks.