Revenues of 39% of Europeans decreased due to restrictive measures during coronavirus

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Revenues for 39% of EU citizens declined due to the economic crisis that triggered the Coronavirus Pandemic. Such data follows from a survey published on the website of the European Parliament on Friday, November 20.

According to the poll almost 40% of Europeans reported decrease of incomes during the period of pandemic, another 27% of the interrogated think that their financial situation will become worse in future.

Respondents also estimated the EU activity. Positive assessment of actions of European Union was given by 41% of the interrogated, earlier, in May, only 31% of respondents spoke positively about EU. Dissatisfaction with the activity of European Union was 21% of the interrogated, in May this figure was 28%.

More than 60% are sure that the European Union should get more authority to solve crisis situations like coronavirus pandemic. The majority agreed with increase of EU financing for fight against pandemic.

Respondents said governments should channel their budgets to national health systems, economic recovery and new business opportunities.

The survey was conducted by Kantar from September 15 to October 7. More than 24 thousand people from 27 EU countries took part in the survey.

In May almost 60% of citizens of European Union countries reported that they experienced financial difficulties as a result of coronavirus pandemic and quarantine measures to contain it.