Ridley Scott confirms plans for “Gladiator” sequel

Ridley Scott confirmed in an interview with Empire magazine that he plans to shoot a sequel to the iconic “Gladiator” starring Russell Crowe. He will take on this film after the biographical drama Kitbag, which is dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais. The main roles in the film will be performed by Joaquin Phoenix and Jody Comer.

Shooting Kitbag should start only next year, so the new “Gladiator” Scott is unlikely to start before 2023. Although the director noted that he has been nurturing the sequel script for a long time, and while working on Kitbag he plans to finish it.

Details about the possible plot Ridley Scott did not share, but in early rumors mentioned that the picture could be dedicated Lucius, nephew of the Roman Emperor Commodus, which in the original film was played by Joaquin Phoenix.