Ringo Starr is celebrating his anniversary

The legendary Ringo Starr celebrates his 80th birthday. Each of his birthdays the musician celebrates widely, inventing contests and concerts. This time he will organize an online festival for fans. The party will be attended by Paul McCartney, Ben Harper, guitarist Joe Walsh, singer Cheryl Crow. Funds raised during the broadcast, will go to charity funds.

Starr’s career isn’t limited to music. He is considered to be the most gifted artist among the Beatles. As an actor and producer, Starr took part in the creation of 30 paintings. One of his first films – a documentary about the Liverpool foursome “Evening of a hard day”. His main hobby is photography. Starr creates pictures, including – to children’s tales. To photograph a drummer dreamed of being a child. True, his family had no money for his son’s hobby.

Besides, the drummer successfully trades at auctions. The stuff from his storerooms goes for incredible amounts. For example, one of Starr’s drums went off the hammer for over $2 million. The musician gives the money to charity, the main addressees are people with alcohol addiction. Ringo Starr decided to help them after he himself had struggled with alcoholism for several years.