Rioters stole watch from a Rolex store in New York City for a total of $2.4 million

New York City rioters stole a watch worth about $2.4 million from a Rolex store in the Soho area, the New York Post reported on June 2, citing a police source.

According to the published video, looters are sneaking through the front door of a Green Street store. According to the source, the store is empty. The store has become one of many looters in lower Manhattan. The victims include Chanel, Lululemon and Apple stores.

For his part, a representative of the Rolex store said that “the watch was not stolen because it was not in the store. According to him, the room just broke windows and shop windows.

According to NYPD Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller, rioters associated with anarchist groups used the name George Floyd to rob and fuel violence between police and demonstrators.

The day before, people stood up to defend the Russian restaurant Pushkin in American San Diego against a crowd of protesters. The owner of the place walked out with a gun along with the other people gathered at the entrance. Two more people with shotguns were left inside to take full control of the situation.