Robot Robin is created to comfort children who are in the hospital

Armenian startup Expper Technologies has developed a robot that will comfort and encourage children who are in hospitals and find themselves without parents. In order not to make the kids sad alone, a friendly car named Robin will entertain and help them overcome their fear of medical procedures. Soon, the artificial intelligence will go to American hospitals for an “internship”.

Robin knows how to define facial expressions and analyze emotional reactions as well as the context of conversations. The robot will be useful when it is necessary, for example, to calm the child before medical manipulation, or to take the child to X-ray. In this case, there will be no need for an accompanying health care professional who needs to be exposed to unnecessary radiation.

A robot made from recyclable bioplastics has been created. To eliminate the risk of transmitting viruses to the baby, the surface of the device is disinfected with UV light or a disinfector.

Experiments have confirmed that the robot is able to increase joy (by 26%) and relieve stress (by 34%).