Ron from the “Harry Potter” saga is gonna be a daddy

Rupert Grint’s going to be a daddy. The 31-year-old redhead from the “Harry Potter” saga has confirmed the pregnancy of his long-time companion Georgia Groome.

Photos showing them shopping in London in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic left no doubt as to the future mother’s condition. They confirmed the good news to People magazine and asked for their privacy to be respected.

Rupert Grint never put his relationship in the spotlight. He’s been in a relationship with Georgia since 2011. They were wearing what appeared to be wedding rings last summer but their spokesperson had denied their marriage.

Ruper Grint, featured in “Servant” on Apple TV, told The Guardian newspaper in 2018 that he found it “strange” to be 30 years old. He said he was ready to settle down and have children.