Rowling accused of anti-Semitic images in Harry Potter

British author Joanne Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series, has been accused of saying that the goblins in her books look like Jews. This was reported Thursday, January 6, by NBC News.

It is noted that over the years, critics have pointed out that the images of goblins running the Gringotts bank resemble typical anti-Semitic caricatures that have appeared since the Middle Ages. Similar images of Jews were also printed in Der Stürmer, a weekly published in Nazi Germany. It mainly published articles, slogans and caricatures inciting hatred of Jews.

The topic was brought up again the other day on his YouTube podcast by comedian Jon Stewart.

“Have you ever seen the Harry Potter movie? Have you ever seen the scenes in Gringotts Bank? Do you know who the people are who run the bank? They’re Jews!” – he summarized.

Stewart clarified, however, that he does not consider Rowling to be anti-Semitic and does not think it necessary to make any changes to the wizard books and movies.

In 2018, Joan Rowling released a novel called “Deadly Whiteness” with an anti-Semitic villain. In this way the writer decided to draw attention to the problem of anti-Semitism in a larger format.

The Israeli media noted that Rowling is a fierce opponent of anti-Semitism, racism and other manifestations of discrimination, and she has repeatedly talked about these problems in social networks and urged people to be more tolerant.

That same year, Rowling was accused of being hostile towards transgender and transsexual people. However, she responded to social media users that she knew and loved transgender people.

Before that, the writer mocked the headline of the publication “Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate,” emphasizing that such people are usually referred to as women.

After that, Rowling said, she regularly faced threats of physical violence, and she also received attempts to plant homemade explosives in her mailbox.