RTL reporter smeared herself with mud and is now remorseful

German broadcaster RTL suspended the anchor after video footage emerged showing her hashing for effect.

Susanna Ohlen got muddy before appearing from the flooded area.

The 39-year-old has now apologized.

“On Monday, I made a serious mistake in the flooded area before switching to Good Morning Germany. Susanna Ohlen’s (39) apology on her Instagram feed begins with these words.

The RTL anchor posted the apology because she was filmed on July 19 before she went in front of the cameras. The footage shows Ohlen smearing dirt on her hands and face. In that segment, viewers were told that Olen was involved in the cleanup efforts. Olen encouraged her followers in the Instagram story to help with the cleanup as well.

In her Instagram post on Friday, Ohlen explained that she was providing private assistance in the region and was embarrassed to “stand in front of the camera in a clean top” in front of aid workers that morning. “As a result, without thinking, I got mud all over my clothes.” According to her own statements as a journalist, this should not have happened to her. Suffering is very close to her heart. “I ask for your forgiveness.”