Rudy Giuliani announced planned falsification of US elections

Electoral violations in the United States were part of a centralized plan to falsify voting results. This was announced on Thursday, November 19, at a press conference in Washington by the lawyer of the current president of the country, Republican Donald Trump Rudolf Giuliani.

“When we started the investigation, <...> very quickly it turned out that this was not an isolated case of falsification of voting results in one state. It is a scheme that is repeated in a number of states, almost identical scheme, the presence of which gives any experienced investigator, prosecutor to assume that there was a plan,” Giuliani said.

He noted that the key place in this scheme of falsification was occupied by large cities controlled by the Democrats.

However, earlier that day Giuliani said that Trump’s headquarters was withdrawing a lawsuit challenging the results of vote counting in the Michigan presidential election.

At the same time, Trump’s election campaign requested a recount of ballots in two districts of Wisconsin state.

On the eve, Trump issued a written statement in which he continued to insist on his victory in the presidential election.