Ruins of the first British theatre were discovered in the UK

British archaeologists have found ruins that they believe belong to the British theatre Red Lion, built in the XVI century. This was reported in The Guardian on Wednesday, May 10.

It is believed that the Red Lion was the first building specifically built in London for theatrical productions, presumably in 1567. It was the prototype of The Globe Theatre, where young Shakespeare’s plays were staged. Until this day, scientists only speculated about the exact location of the theater, but now archaeologists are likely to have found the ruins of this very structure.

The ruins were found in London’s historic Whitechapel area in the eastern part of the city.

“I must confess, I didn’t expect this when I went to the Whitechapel excavations. This is one of the most unusual excavation sites I’ve worked on,” said team leading archaeologist Stephen White to the publication.

Other archaeological finds – beer cellars, glasses and mugs – show that the ruins belong to the Red Lion building. It is known that the theatre building was part of the complex, which also included an inn with the same name.