Russia accused the U.S. of “hegemonic fantasies”

The U.S. State Department is overestimating its capabilities in a situation where Russia is “involved” in the Syrian conflict. Senator Alexey Pushkov expressed this opinion on September 10 in his Telegram-channel commenting on the words of US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Schenker that “it was a big mistake to let Russia into Syria”.

“What hegemonic fantasies are these – to let go, not to let go?! It didn’t depend on the USA in any way: Obama was put before the fact of Moscow’s actions and couldn’t oppose anything to it”, – noted Pushkov.

The parliamentarian emphasized that Russia came to Syria “contrary to and apart from the USA”, and Washington only pretended that it could somehow prevent it.

Pushkov also recalled that Moscow’s participation played a key role in preventing the victory of the “Islamic State” .

“Moreover, without Russia, it is highly probable that the government of ISI would have proclaimed its caliphate in Syria. That is exactly what the US has been doing. So Russia’s participation saved Syria and the whole region from complete disaster,” the senator concluded.

In June, Schenker called on Russia to “get out of the Middle East” as Moscow allegedly “plays a destructive role in the region.

The Russian embassy recalled that the Russian military was in Syria at the invitation of the government, while neither the legal authorities nor the UN Security Council had given sanctions to deploy troops there.

In May, the U.S. State Department accused Moscow of interfering in Syrian and Libyan affairs.