Russia claims evidence of Western interference in the affairs of Belarus

There is more than enough evidence of interference by Western countries in Belarus’ foreign affairs. This was announced on Wednesday, August 26, by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“We see what the Baltic states do, we see what Poland does, what a number of other states of the European Union do. And even NATO. We see the position of the United States of America. <...> Interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state – that’s how we qualify it,” she said in the program “60 minutes” on Russia 1.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also noted that public figures of Belarus, wishing to get in touch with representatives of Russia, can apply to the Russian Embassy.

“If there are any desires, aspirations, aspirations of any public organizations [of Belarus] to communicate with someone from neighboring or other states, there is our embassy and not only ours,” – she added.

On the eve of the fact that the opposition in Belarus is run by Western countries, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The day before, Secretary of State of the Council of Ministers of Belarus Andrei Ravkov urged Belarusians who were impressed by foreign actions in support of the opposition in the republic, not to rely on “imported emotions.