Russia declared Jamestown Foundation an “undesirable organization”

On Wednesday, Russian authorities declared the American research institute Jamestown Foundation an “undesirable organization”, which allows introducing a complete ban on the fund’s activities in Russia.

According to the statement of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the department studied publications of the Jamestown Foundation based in Washington and came to the conclusion that they are aimed at “fomenting separatism” in some Russian regions, particularly in the North Caucasus. Activities of the Jamestown Foundation, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office, “threaten the foundations of the constitutional order and security” of Russia.

The law on undesirable organizations was adopted in Russia in 2015, with the help of which the authorities have already banned the activities of more than ten foreign organizations. According to the law, groups are usually first declared “undesirable organizations” and then the Russian Ministry of Justice officially bans their activities in Russia.

Western countries accuse the Russian authorities of using this law as well as the law on “foreign agents” to isolate and increase pressure on Russian civil society activists.