Russia declares Trump’s interest in dialogue with Moscow

Establishing a dialogue with Russia will help U.S. President Donald Trump in domestic political affairs. This was stated by Senator Oleg Morozov on Friday, May 8.

“I think Trump himself is really looking for a dialogue with us. He has a difficult situation – he cannot be more philosophical than his opponents. And by indulging them, he only weakens his position.”

According to the senator, a breakthrough in relations with Russia could be a trump card for the U.S. leader in the eyes of ordinary citizens who are intuitively aware of the danger of endless confrontation. Morozov expressed hope that the American side has every reason to broadcast a hostile mood.

On May 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that following the allied relations that bound the peoples of Russia and the United States in World War II will allow the two states to achieve much in solving modern problems.

On April 25, the leaders adopted a joint statement on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe. The document notes that this is “the culmination of the enormous efforts of many countries and peoples united under the United Nations Declaration of 1942.