Russia has found a way to treat coronavirus – the drug is presented

Meflokhin, which had previously been used in the fight against malaria, was introduced to treat coronavirus infection.

Scientists from FMBA have developed a treatment scheme for coronavirus infection based on antimalarial drug “Meflokhin.

“The drug with high selectivity blocks the cytopathic effect of coronavirus in cell culture and prevents its replication, and the immunosuppressive effect of Meflokhin prevents the activation of an inflammatory response caused by the virus. Adding macrolide antibiotics and synthetic penicillins not only prevents the formation of a secondary bacterial-viral syndrome but also increases the concentration of antiviral agent in plasma and lungs. This will ensure effective treatment of patients with coronavirus infection of varying degrees of severity,” – quotes the press service of the agency head of FMBA Veronika Skvortsova.

The developments are proposed to be included in the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health.