Russia has sent tests and reagents to 35 countries to detect COVID-19

Russia has transferred test systems and reagents for 900 thousand COVID-19 studies to 35 countries. This was announced by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova at the XII Annual All-Russian Internet Congress on infectious diseases on September 7.

“We also help our colleagues abroad. About 800 thousand definitions for coronavirus detection have been sent to 35 countries, almost 1 million to date,” she said.

She noted that to date, 172 diagnostic test systems have been developed and implemented in Russia. Some of them have been developed in Russia, some of them have been brought.

Popova added that all Russian regions from September 3 conduct tests for coronavirus in drinking water, waste water and food products. The methodology developed by the Novosibirsk center “Vector” is used to study the virus circulation in the environment.

According to the head of the supervisory authority, since January 1 this year, slightly more than 0.6% of the population of Russia have had COVID-19.

Earlier Monday, the director of the Gamaleya Institute of the Russian Ministry of Health, Alexander Gintsburg, said that Russia can overcome the coronavirus pandemic by next summer by vaccinating most of the country’s population.