Russia suspected the US of preparing to resume nuclear testing

Many signs indicate that the U.S. is preparing to restart nuclear testing at the Nevada site. This was reported by TASS on Thursday, April 16, citing Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“The United States may well be on the way to bringing Nevada’s test site to a high state of readiness by many signs, including publications citing relevant U.S. agencies involved in maintaining the readiness of their nuclear arsenal,” he said.

He gave no other details.

Earlier on April 16, the US State Department accused Russia of conducting nuclear tests in 2019. The report of the Department indicates that Russia was conducting experiments with nuclear weapons, which led to the withdrawal from the nuclear deal and did not meet the U.S. standard of zero power.

The State Department also provided information that as of the end of 2019 Russia was complying with the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START).

On February 22, the Pentagon said that the United States conducted a “mini-military exercise” in which it conducted a simulated retaliatory nuclear strike on Russian territory.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, for its part, condemned these actions, noting that instead of developing an arms control system, Washington preferred “an extremely dangerous game.

The START Treaty was signed in 2010. It remains the only treaty in force between Russia and the United States on arms limitation. The agreement expires in February 2021.