Russia will provide Belarus with a $1.5 billion loan

Russia will provide Belarus with a loan of $1.5 billion, said Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Monday, September 14, during a meeting in Sochi with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state stressed that the Russian and Belarusian finance ministers are working together on this issue.

“We have agreed that Russia will give Belarus at this difficult time a government loan [in the amount of] $1.5 billion, and we will fulfill it. Now, as far as known, our finance ministers are working on this issue at a professional level,” – quotes the Russian leader TASS.

Putin during a conversation with Lukashenko confirmed that Russia is committed to all agreements with the republic, including the CSTO and the Union State. He stressed that the Belarusian people themselves, without hints from outside, should understand the situation in the country.