Russian community in New York creates patrols to protect against looters

Brooklyn’s Russian community in NYC began to organize patrols to protect them from looters and provocateurs, one of the authors of the initiative Isaac Boltyansky said on Thursday, June 4.

According to Boltiansky, some businessmen began to stick leaflets on the doors of their houses, calling for them to leave the area if those “white and not enough support the blacks”. By support, the authors of the leaflets mean donations, “support of black business,” the struggle for the rights of the African American people.

According to the creator of the People’s Patrol, he and his friend created a chat room at WhatsApp, invited friends and gathered more than 500 people overnight. They were encouraged to take this step by their attitude towards the police in the city.

“We didn’t like what was happening in New York, mostly in Manhattan and the Bronx. We don’t like the way the policemen are treated here now,” Boltyansky said. “Often they’re just trying to get killed by groups that don’t hold quiet demonstrations.

The patrols are looking for caches of stones, Molotov cocktails, anything that can be used “with malicious intent during protests,” he said.

The activists do not carry weapons, seeing something suspicious, they call the police, but “if it happens that the police can’t protect us, people are ready to protect themselves, their family, their business and their lives,” Boltianski said.

According to him, if people organize themselves in this way, a lot of good can be done.

“We want it all to stop sooner. We want to unite our voices and ask New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to give the police the right to use the power and skills they have to demonstrate,” said the activist.

According to Boltiansky, the police should have the right to treat people who cover themselves up as protesters and shoplifters like any other criminal.