Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the Western accusations of the situation with Navalny

Russia advocates the most thorough and objective investigation of what happened to Russian blogger Alexei Navalny. The press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote about it on Tuesday, August 25.

During the Russian-American consultations held in Moscow on the same day with First Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Stephen Biegun, the issue of Navalny was raised.

The Foreign Ministry commented on the statements of the U.S. side that “if the version of his poisoning as an oppositionist is confirmed, Washington will take measures against which the reaction of American society to the Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential elections in 2016 will be darkened”.

“Drawing the interlocutor’s attention to the inadmissibility of unsubstantiated accusations, they stressed that the Russian leadership is in favor of the most thorough and most objective investigation of what happened”, – stressed the Foreign Ministry.

In addition, the Ministry pointed out that Moscow finds deeply offensive the accusations of trying to hide the truth, made by Western capitals to Omsk doctors. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded that Russian doctors “immediately provided highly qualified assistance to Alexei Navalny” and handed over the full medical history to their German colleagues.

“We expect that the German doctors will show the same professional approach and will not allow using the results of their laboratory tests for any politicized purposes,” – added the Foreign Ministry.

Navalny felt bad during the flight Tomsk – Moscow on August 20. The plane made an emergency landing in Omsk. Blogger was hospitalized in the ambulance hospital number 1. According to the head doctor of this hospital, Alexander Murakhovsky, the main diagnosis of the patient is metabolic disorder. On August 22, Navalny was taken to the Charite clinic in Berlin for treatment.

Charite reported on August 24 that the data of Navalny’s clinical examination showed that he was intoxicated with a substance from a group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific poisonous substance is not yet known, but its effect on the body is supposedly “proved several times”. The patient is treated with the antidote atropine.

According to the chief toxicologist of Omsk region and Siberian Federal District Alexander Sabaev of Omsk Emergency Hospital № 1, where Navalny was initially admitted, cholinesterase inhibitors were not detected during his examination in Omsk.