Russian jet drone with the engine printed on 3D printer made its first flight

The first demonstration flight of the Russian drone “Dan-M” took place in the Astrakhan region, the main elements of the jet engine which were created by 3D printing. Official representatives of the Foundation for Advanced Studies informed about the tests of the prospective drone.

The MGTD-125E powered “Dan-M” drone made a demonstration flight of about twenty minutes, during which it reached a top speed of 676 km/h and reached a height of more than two kilometers. The take-off weight of the vehicle was 370 kg, and the MGTD-125E engine (its weight is 22 kg) printed on a 3D printer developed a thrust of 125 kgf.

As FPI representatives specified, the jet engine is notable for its manufacturing method. Parts of its combustion chamber, nozzle and nozzle apparatus, as well as the input part, were obtained by additive method from domestic metal powder high-temperature compositions of nickel, cobalt and aluminum alloys. Russian alloys are superior to foreign analogues in strength – the difference reaches 20%. The MGTD-125E jet engine is one of the most powerful among small power plants, plus, it is notable for its relatively low cost and increased production time by whole orders of magnitude.