Russian lived more than 20 years as a slave on a farm of a Polish family

The Russian was in slavery on a farm in Poland for over 20 years.

Nikolai Erofeev came to one of the units of the Soviet Army in Poland in 1989 as a civilian worker. When the Soviet troops were leaving the country, the man decided to stay. Erofeev was in Poland illegally. He got a job on a farm, but when rumors broke out that illegal immigrants were being expelled from the country, the owner brought him to another family, which took Erofeev into slavery.

The Russian lived in such conditions for 23 years. He was not allowed to go into town and was not fed. Because he was in the country illegally, the man did not tell anyone about his fate.

The Russian escape was helped by a local resident, Yolanta Mateyko, who periodically fed Erofeev. Later, the man was sheltered by the Tyshkevich family, which provided him with housing and found a job and a lawyer. Despite all the problems, Erofeev wants to stay in Poland.