Russian MiG-29 fighter with a russian pilot was shot down in Libya

The Russian-made MiG-29 LNA multi-purpose fighter was shot down in Libya. Russian-speaking pilot managed to eject. He shot a video from the scene. The video was published on YouTube channel Fighterbomber.

“Today I ejected: not flying 45 kilometers to the airfield. The parachute is open, I am waiting for rescuers. I hit only hard on the rocks. I can’t see the jeeps with the enemy yet. I will go to the valley, parachute, leave everything on the ground,” said the MiG-29 pilot.

The ejection was carried out from a height of 700 meters. At the end of the video that the representative of the Libyan National Army arrives Mi-24 helicopter. The author of the video does not say who exactly shot down the fighter.