Russian military doctors are on duty at Bergamo Hospital

Russian military doctors together with their Italian colleagues began a 24-hour duty to receive and treat patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19 in a field hospital in Bergamo on Monday, April 6. This is reported by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“On the Russian side, eight medical and nursing teams are involved, which will receive and treat patients in all departments of intensive care and departments for the treatment of patients with mild and medium degree,” – TV channel “Zvezda” quoted the ministry. The duty will be organized in three shifts.

It is noted that all wards are equipped with necessary medical equipment, and the staff of international teams of doctors have been trained in the city hospital named after Pope John 23, RT reports.

The hospital, designed for 142 beds, will employ more than 200 Italian and Russian specialists.

Earlier in the day, representatives of the independent cultural association named after Leo Tolstoy from the city of Mulazzano suggested installing a monument in honor of Russian military specialists who came to Italy to help fight the spread of coronavirus infection.

As of the evening of April 6, there are 1,289,843 people worldwide infected with the coronavirus COVID-19, 70,631 have died, more than 272 thousand have recovered.

In Italy 128 948 people were infected with the infection, 15 887 died and 21 815 recovered.