Russian physicist compares lightning to synchrotrons

According to a scientist from Russia Nikolai Petrov, the formation of lightning X-ray and gamma rays can be explained by synchrotron processes. Article with the results of the study is published on the Scientific Reports portal.

Lightning is a source of strong electromagnetic fields, which are formed naturally. They are characterized by a wide range of radiation, which covers the spectrum from the lowest frequencies to ultraviolet radiation. Research by scientists has shown that lightning can produce short bursts of X-rays and gamma rays.

The generally accepted hypothesis of creation of such radiation states that the main source of such waves is braking radiation. Concepts describing the process of radiation formation explain only part of the processes of electron fission and the creation of braking photons.

Russian scientist Nikolai Petrov proposed a different explanation of the mechanisms of generation of the described radiation. In his opinion, the value of the rate of change in the direction of the electric field in the channel can be equal to the speed of light. This suggests that in places where lightning bends, high velocity can lead to synchrotron radiation.

Developed model of Russian scientist will help to explain paradoxes occurring at the moment of lightning formation. The results of the study will help to better understand the mechanisms of gamma-radiation generation.