Russian political parties go online because of the pandemic

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, Russian political parties have moved to online work, and some plan to launch a mobile application and an online platform to carry out their activities.

“Both before and now we are active in all existing social networks from Facebook and Vkontakte to Instagram, Telegram and TikTok. For several years now, an entire department has been created underneath us.

In turn, co-founder of the “New People” party Alexander Davankov believes that the pandemic has only accelerated the inevitable process of digitalization and abandonment of traditional methods of campaigning.

“We are preparing an online form to work with supporters and voters. We plan to maximize the use of new contactless methods of campaigning, as the situation with the spread of coronavirus is very serious,” he said.

Similar views are held by the Party of Direct Democracy, which plans to launch an online platform for discussions on political topics. The launch of the beta version is scheduled for April 12.

If the epidemiological situation becomes more complicated, the candidates from the new political structures are ready to give up traditional methods of campaigning in the Zaksobraniya election and go online, assured the Party for Truth Party Central Committee Secretary Nikolay Novichkov.

In addition, political analyst Konstantin Kalachev said that those parties, which will be able to use digital tools to work during the pandemic, will gain an advantage in the upcoming elections.