Ryan Reynolds tells how his relationship with Blake Lively began: “I just begged her to sleep with me.”

The 44-year-old actor took part in a recording of the SmartLess podcast and during the conversation, he shared details about his family life and meeting his wife. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively became friends while working on Green Lantern (2011), but their relationship did not immediately turn romantic. At the moment, the stars have been happily married for nine years and are raising three daughters – 6-year-old James, 4-year-old Inez and one-year-old Betty.

“We were friends and about a year and a half later we met on a double date, but we were dating different people then. We hung out and always kept in touch, and before I knew it, she was going to Boston. I was going to Boston, too, and I said I would go with her…I just begged her to sleep with me,” Ryan shared, unable to resist a joke on the edge. – It was like a fairy tale. After a week, I thought we should buy a house. And we did.”

“My marriage is incredibly important to me, as is this friendship,” Reynolds continued. – Blake and I aren’t doing movies at the same time. When she wants to go back to work, I take a break, and then we switch places. She’s on the set, and I’m somewhere nearby hanging out with the kids.

During the quarantine, the actors, like many other parents around the world, faced homeschooling. Ryan admitted that James and Inez had a tough time, “They had a tough time. I looked everywhere for help. Reading books. Trying to steer the ship in some way. Blake was much better at it, because I’m just a kid myself.”