Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 ♐

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This year 2021 will be unusual for representatives of Sagittarius zodiac sign. The fact that your element – Fire – is immune to the negative impact of the moon, the main antagonist of this period. However, Jupiter, your activator, will be weakened by the strong position of the Sun, the main patron of this cycle. This astrological situation promises non-standard situations. The negativity is expected to be minimal, but many events can still cause confusion. The available tools are not always at your disposal. From this point of view, the year 2021 will teach Sagittarians to achieve their goals by any means and not to evade responsibility. The period is good for personal and career growth, for starting new relationships. It is not worth spending as much time as it usually requires. Not because it does not matter (family should always take first place). The question is that other areas of life will require Sagittarians to do their best, then success and happiness in the broadest sense awaits you.

The period from early 2021 to the second decade of April will be quite calm for Sagittarius, despite the fact that many people from your entourage will be involved in a crazy whirlpool of events. It will also be waiting for you, but later it will not be as noticeable. At this stage, it makes sense to focus on ambition and its realization. If the work closely intersects with the sphere of personal relations, you will need cardinal steps that literally turn your life around. There is no other way to achieve success. This is an important and undoubtedly positive moment, which will open new doors for you. If you do not have your own business, just go with the flow and use the successful opportunities. If you own a business, consider the prospect of total modernization, but do not use untested strategies. There is no risk at all now, just like acting alone (you can’t foresee everything by yourself). Some events will surprise you, others will scare you, but nothing should unbalance you.

The time from mid-April to the third decade of July 2021 for the representatives of the zodiac sign Sagittarius will be brighter and richer. The changes will not be as large as at the beginning of the year. At the same time, new acquaintances are expected, there will be promising opportunities in terms of work. Immediately assess the option to move and radically change your lifestyle – then you will not be able to choose another way. 2021 year, which is patronized by the Bull, will be a period of maximum straightforward, and any tricks are contraindicated. Since the limitation of your mark is the responsibility of Mercury, which oversees financial and health issues, the result of any failure will be diseases and money losses. So it is not recommended to hurry. On the other hand, the stars advise not to take things personally and not to think too much about failures. At the very least, do not twist yourself, otherwise you will get completely detached from reality. This is especially important with regard to the sphere of personal relationships, where some things will surprise you frankly. It is not time for self-criticism, but if you do not like something about others, just say so. This period requires confident decisions, and if you start to doubt yourself, others will stop believing you too.

From the third decade of July until the end of September 2021, Sagittarius will face new challenges. With a closer look, the obstacles will be easily overcome. In addition, you will realize that you can do more. And this is really your chance. If you don’t have your own business, put your best efforts into it. There will be no better time to demonstrate your talents to management. Do not look for alternative solutions – just lose time. If you have your own business, the stars advise you to rely on general trends, but with reference to the specifics of your own business. It is possible that this period will require investments from you, try to think everything over carefully and weigh it. You will see an increase in income and new opportunities in secondary areas. It is very likely that for someone additional earnings will suddenly become the main, and this applies to more creative people. In personal matters, do not go on about feelings. Even in love relationships, the heart sometimes has to give way to the mind. This is a good time to make new acquaintances and strengthen old connections, especially with relatives with whom circumstances have been removed.

From October to December, representatives of Sagittarius zodiac sign will stay in a relatively stable position. This period will obviously be the calmest in the whole year 2021 (even calmer than the first months). In this period you will know exactly what you want and how to achieve it, but the horoscope advises not to stop. Once you have finished one project, you will immediately take up the next one. You will have enough energy, motivation and opportunities. Use it all to the full, otherwise you will worry about missed opportunities later. Pay special attention to technical issues and avoid negligence among your employees. If you have no business of your own, then be more careful. Remember – the devil lies in the trifles. From a financial point of view, this is a good time, but be careful with investments. In terms of personal relationships, think not only about yourself, and then everything will work out. It’s not about altruism, but rather about empathy, empathy. The finale of 2021 will bring Sagittarians joyful news and new perspectives.