Sanctions against Nord Stream – 2 is the purpose of Navalny’s “poisoning”

Publicist, political consultant and TV presenter Anatoly Wasserman said in a column on REN TV’s website on September 3 that Germany’s statements about alleged poisoning of Russian blogger Alexey Navalny were an attempt to argue sanctions against the project “Nord Stream-2”.

“Reality is no longer relevant to the case. Nobody will understand why the bloody regime saved Navalny’s life and did everything to take him to a German clinic, as his relatives asked. Nobody cares about freedoms, struggle for democracy, poisons. For those who started this game, it is important only to prevent the launch of the second stage of “Nord Stream”, and any strengthening of Russia,” – he said, commenting on the reports of Germany about “poisoning” Navalny with poison of “Novichok” group.

The TV presenter reminded that doctors of the Omsk hospital did not find any traces of cholinesterase inhibitors in Navalny’s body. Wasserman also drew attention to the fact that the doctors publicly announced that they were ready to provide the samples of biological fluids they had taken for research, provided that the German doctors would respond in the same way.

“I assure you in open text that it has already been decided to hang the ghost of Navalny on the Spasskaya Tower. It does not matter that not a single symptom of anticholinesterase poisons was observed,” said the political consultant.

Earlier, on September 2, the head of the opposition German party ” Alliance 90 ” / “the Greens ” Catherine Goering-Eccardt said that the political force demands from the German government to stop the project ” Nord Stream – 2 ” because of new data on the incident with Navalny.

“Nord Stream-2 is no longer a project that we can do together with Russia,” RTL said.

Navalny felt bad during his flight Tomsk-Moscow on August 20. The plane landed in Omsk in an emergency and the patient was taken to Emergency Hospital No. 1. Later he was transported to the clinic “Charite” in Berlin. He is in a coma. The German clinic said that the blogger showed signs of intoxication by the substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. Omsk doctors did not reveal this substance in the course of the bulk intoxication examination.

The authorities of Germany said that a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr allegedly found “unequivocal evidence” in Navalny samples.