Scientist: the world is facing extinction due to human activity

The current amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere is so high that it will soon lead to a catastrophically serious situation on the planet, said Australian scientist Andrew Glickson.

The researcher warned of “an emergency for the Earth” and the unsuitability for life of most of the planet if no action is taken. Glikson recalled that earlier global warming had resulted in an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the death of many animals.

In his opinion, the world is now facing extinction due to human activities, as the rate of carbon emissions has increased significantly compared to the times when dinosaurs died, which is 65 million years ago. At the same time, the scientist notes that due to massive greenhouse gas emissions, the climate is changing so rapidly that animals do not have time to adapt, writes The Conversation magazine.

Glixon predicts the next global extinction. Climate zones are changing, affecting 47% of terrestrial mammals and 25% of birds, according to a UN report. If the trend continues, most of the planet will become uninhabitable, the scientist warns.

The researcher believes that in order to slow down the process it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as develop and use technologies to remove it.