Scientists are working to create a hybrid of humans and monkeys

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Scientists from Spain, led by Juan Carlos Ispesua, began research work on a hybrid of man and ape. The experiments will be carried out in China, as in Spain such bold scientific experiments are forbidden.

So far, Spanish scientists have already managed to obtain the world’s first prototype of the human-anmonkey hybrid, which exists at the cellular level. Why do you need it? The researchers note that the technologies involved in the cultivation of hybrids will make it possible to create organs for transplantation.

“Hybrid embryos will be created and studied in a laboratory located in the People’s Republic of China, because such experiments are prohibited in the European Union. Now we have a huge number of questions that can only be solved at a new stage of laboratory work in China,” say Spanish geneticists.

One of the important questions is what will happen if human stem cells used to create a hybrid penetrate the brain of an embryo and begin to form nerve cells? Will the brain become a hybrid of human and monkey consciousness? The ethical side of such experiments really looks very controversial, but scientists are sure that their work will bring them closer to a scientific breakthrough, which will give practical results at least in medicine, and at most – in the whole complex of spheres.