Scientists called ventilation an effective way to prevent coronavirus

British scientists warned that during the cold season, due to poor ventilation, the risk of coronavirus infection could increase by a third, and recommended airing the premises. The Daily Mail writes about it.

It is noted that the government, in consultation with experts, called on citizens to conduct regular ventilation. According to experts, this measure will reduce the risk of infection by 70%.

It is recommended either to keep the windows open at all times or to open them periodically for 10-15 minutes.

Scientists advise to ventilate housing if a family member is ill, as well as when guests arrive and after they leave.

“Fresh air should come from the street – air recirculation means moving aerosols containing the virus around the room instead of taking them outside,” said Professor Katerina Knox from the University of Leeds.

At the same time, she added that if there is an air conditioner that uses air from the street, the room may not be ventilated.

Earlier in November, scientists from the Institute of Immunology of La Hoya in the U.S. found out how long the immunity can be maintained in people who are overwhelmed by COVID-19.