Scientists create a nano-trap for viruses

Scientists from the US and Germany have come up with a new way to fight viruses – they have created a nano-traps that capture and absorb viruses. The results of the study were presented by the journal Nature Materials.

The nano-traps were created based on the DNA of self-assembled objects, and are coated on the inside with molecules that bind the virus. The hollow bodies for the virus traps were assembled into the shape of an icosahedron, an object of 20 triangular surfaces.

This method helped create closed hollow spheres that can be used as virus traps. The new technique has already been tested by German scientists on hepatitis B virus and adenoviruses. Experiments have shown that viruses are reliably blocked in cell cultures.

Now the developers plan to start research on living organisms – first on mice, and then on humans. As the specialists noted, the method will also be effective against COVID-19.