Scientists created a reactor to convert faeces into pure biofuel

Scientists from Australia presented an environmentally friendly way of obtaining hydrogen from waste water and biological waste. The reactor created by the Australians not only produces pure hydrogen, but also captures all carbon from the recycled faeces.

Human faeces alone are an almost unlimited resource for energy production,” RMIT University staff say, noting that the waste treatment reactor can be used to create a waste water sector with no environmentally hazardous emissions. Hydrogen, as scientists believe, will play a significant role in the energy of the future, so the reactor is a very promising development.

We are talking about a high-temperature pyrolysis reactor, which makes it possible to use waste material to produce hydrogen and biocoal. The latter is a carbon saturated fuel that is used in the reactor to separate biogas into carbon and hydrogen. Bio-coal, as scientists emphasize, can be used in a variety of areas – for example, to improve soil.

According to Calpit Shah, lead author of the project, scientists have managed to optimize the reactor, making it as mobile and environmentally friendly as possible. The prototype reactor has already been tested in a laboratory environment and is now being prepared for actual use.